Take the Stress Out of Your Morning Commute with These Tips

In today’s world, commuting is a way of life. And as areas become more populated and roadways get more traffic, this daily drive is likely to only get longer. With that comes a lot of stress for many people. To help reduce the frustration of your morning drive, your friends at Sarasota Car Sales wanted to share these suggestions for taking the stress out of your A.M. trip:

Annoyed Driver

Think Ahead

Preparing in advance can take the “hectic” out of your morning routine. If you aren’t rushing to get ready and get out the door, then you shouldn‘t have to rush on the roads. This allows you to take a relaxed drive to your job with time to spare. Little tricks like setting your clothes out for work and getting your breakfast partially made are good ways to start.

Turn On the Music

A little relaxing music can go a long way in making your morning commute more bearable. Easy listening and classical music are the best choices to lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety.

Download Traffic Apps

Instead of scouring the AM radio stations to find a local traffic report, simply use one of the many weather and traffic-dedicated apps available for both iPhone and Android.

Don’t you have enough stress already? Your daily drive to work shouldn’t ratchet up the tension even more. Following the suggestions above (in addition to things like driving less aggressively) can help you to relax and take it easy on the roads, reducing the frustration of your morning drive.

And if you are looking for another ride to take on that commute, stop in and see the friendly auto experts here at Sarasota Car Sales. We are located at 1683 Cattlemen Road in Sarasota. You can also give us a call at 941-925-7150.