Did You Know About These Used Car Life Hacks?

At Sarasota Car Sales, we believe cars are like babies; they love to be patted and throw tantrums when they are ignored. Odd as it may sound, a wash is not the only thing your car needs. The need only gets amplified if the car is used. Below are some great life hacks you probably know, or not, that will add longevity to your used car.

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Amp Up the Lighting in Your Car with Led Lighting

If your car is like all other cars, its lighting is a yellow fade produced by incandescent bulbs. These bulbs tend to use a lot of battery power and provide lighting that is not reliable. Switching the interior lights to LED bulbs, available at Sarasota Car Sales, gives your car a bright illumination and a modern look automatically.

Shed Off the Hard Water Spots

Most car washes use “hard” water which leaves behind spots on the paint. In order to clean this off, use citrus based removers. The acid in citrus neutralizes these spots leaving behind a smooth, clean finish.

Remove the Hazy Headlights

The covering of most headlights is made of plastic. This breaks down over time due to exposure to the sun’s rays. Use 3M rubbing compound to restore the clarity of your headlight glass.

Tuff-Stuff Multipurpose Cleaner for Carpets

Tuff Stuff, easily found in most stores w hen dabbed on carpet and left to soak, removes even the oldest most stubborn stains on.

Redefine Your Music with an FM Tuner

This tip is for older vehicle models. Swap out the cassette adaptor for an FM Tuner. It allows broadcasting as well as Bluetooth so you can listen right from your phone.

LED Reverse Lights are the Real Deal

Swap out your old incandescent lights for LED lights. These lights are much brighter and make parking and backing out of driveways much simpler.
Buff and Polish DIY

This is not as hard as it sounds. The sun and elements may create unevenness in your paint. Scratches may also happen in the course of use. Learning to buff and polish your car will save you plenty of dollars and time. Be sure you wax your car at least twice a year.

You can reach us at Sarasota Car Sales by calling 941-925-7150 if you have any questions, or you can visit our dealership located at 1683 Cattlemen Road in Sarasota. Our range of used cars come with most of these features and more. We look forward to hearing from you.