Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Sarasota Car Sales!

Sarasota Car Sales is excited to announce a fun commemoration for small businesses, which is happening at the end of this month, right after Thanksgiving. Yes, November 27th, the Saturday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday is known as Small Business Saturday. As one of Sarasota’s dedicated small business leaders, we’re happy to get you interested in this. Come celebrate Small Business Saturday with Sarasota Car Sales!

Small Business Saturday at Sarasota Car Sales

History of Small Business Saturday

So, where did this commemoration originate? It’s fairly new still, having been started in 2010 by American Express. Even smaller businesses take payments from American Express, so they thought it might be a worthwhile mission to encourage consumers to focus their spending on smaller entrepreneurs. Again, this is designed to take advantage of the busy buying season directly after Black Friday. This has also garnered the support of the Small Business Administration (SBA), which has been around since 1953 as a federal agency tasked with promoting small business growth. They’re now a cosponsor of this event.

Roughly 70% of consumers are familiar with Small Business Saturday, and it shows in the revenue numbers where restaurants and small retailers have been able to earn record-high figures with it. In 2018, small businesses managed to earn almost $18 billion in sales on Small Business Saturday. Since the event began in 2010, it has involved about $103 billion in total sales.

Time to Buy Locally!

The most obvious way to celebrate Small Business Saturday is to, well, shop locally. Polls show that roughly 57% of consumers over 54 do exactly that, largely spurred by initiatives like this. It hasn’t caught on as well with younger folks (who are 50/50 on the issue of shopping at small businesses), but the older demographics tend to have more disposable income to spend, nonetheless. The most popular items to buy locally are food/groceries by a wide margin. 66% of those polled indicated food as their favorite local purchase.

Don’t forget that about 99.7% of American businesses are classified as small businesses. So, supporting a small business is essentially supporting the engine and backbone of the economy. Sarasota Car Sales is one of those and we’re delighted to earn our place in service to you as one of the best when it comes to customer service anywhere in west Florida. We supply you with the best hand-picked and thoroughly checked used vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about driving away with a lemon car. You can find us located at 1683 Cattlemen Road in Sarasota and if you have any questions for us, feel free to call at 941-925-7150.

We look forward to seeing you this November 27th for Small Business Saturday!