The Differences between Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Maintaining the wheels of your vehicle is key. Doing so extends the lifespan of your vehicle and helps you drive as safely as possible. When taking your car in for maintenance, you can receive a wheel alignment, wheel balancing, or both. To learn the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing, continue reading.

Wheel Alignment vs Wheel Balancing

The wheels of your vehicle experience wear and tear over time. This is normal, but neglecting to tend to the wear and tear can cause further problems. For example, if you’re missing a rim on your wheel, the mismatched weight of the tire missing the rim can lead to wheel imbalance. Additionally, if one of your wheels weighs more or less than the others, this can also lead to wheel imbalance. When your wheels are not balanced, you can have an especially uncomfortable ride. Not only will your ride be bumpy, but your vehicle will undergo excessive stress, which can lead to further issues.

Meanwhile, potholes, road debris, and curbs can cause problems with your wheel alignment. The impact your vehicle encounters when coming into contact with any of these road hazards causes the position of your wheels to change. Sometimes the change is subtle, but other times it can be dramatic. Either way, when the alignment of your wheels is off, your vehicle won’t automatically move in a straight line as intended. It will instead drift in one direction. When you’re attempting to drive in a straight line with an alignment problem, you’re putting your vehicle under additional stress.

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