New Year’s Resolutions for Every Car Owner!

The New Year is here. A new year is an excellent reason to set goals for yourself. If you’re a car owner, consider setting some resolutions related to your vehicle. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for every car owner:

2022 Resolutions for Car Owners

First, keep your car clean. Rather than tossing garbage on the floor or storing items in your backseat, clear out your car and give your seating a good cleaning. Consider having your vehicle detailed to take your car’s cleanliness to the next level. Not only does a clean car look better, but it’s actually safer. If you get into an accident, unnecessary items in your vehicle can lead to further damage. Also, the fewer items in your car, the less your car weighs, which improves fuel economy.

Up next, make a resolution to end distracted driving. On average, nine people are killed by distracted driving every day. Instead of texting and driving or eating when you’re on the road, keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes ahead of you during your commute to help you and other drivers stay safe.

Third, don’t neglect car maintenance this new year. Maintaining your car is the key to extending its lifespan. Be sure to take your car in for an oil change at least twice a year this year. You also want to have your tires rotated and your vehicle inspected during the new year. If you are in need of new parts, replace these parts to reduce the stress on your vehicle. Replacing worn brakes pads, topping off the oil, and cleaning your air filters can help your car last for years to come.

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