How Often Does My Car Need to be Driven?

Owning a car is a great responsibility. Aside from the recurring costs in the form of fuel, insurance premiums, and that payment you might still be paying off, there’s the routine maintenance that needs to be performed at regular intervals to keep it on the road. And while you might be familiar with the importance of an oil change or tire rotation, it’s just as important that your vehicle be driven on a semi-regular basis to keep it on the up and up. Just like you might go out for your morning jog to keep your muscles, ligaments, and lungs in good shape, your car needs its own type of exercise.

How Often Does My Car Need to Be Driven?

While this might seem like an odd concept, it’s something that’s of the utmost importance. You would be surprised that people who don’t drive a vehicle for at least thirty minutes every two to three weeks if you have a vehicle that’s only used occasionally. Here are some factors to think about.

Battery Dies Quicker

The battery in your vehicle is charged and upkeep by your vehicle’s alternator. If a vehicle is rarely driven, there’s a good chance your battery will die out much quicker. Even ironing over the engine and letting it idle for 10-15 minutes can help both of these necessary functions last longer.

Gas Leak

A vehicle that’s left dormant for long periods of time has the possibility to have moisture collect inside the tank. When this occurs, corrosion can set in and cause a potential leak. More than that, moisture that builds up in your oil and gasoline can cause damage to the engine if ignored for long periods of time.


While this isn’t a regular occurrence, it still happens. Bugs, rodents, and other pests can make their home in a car that’s left idle for lengthy periods of time. These can cause irreversible damage to the interior and mechanical parts. Which is why it’s important to never let your vehicle lay dormant for too long.

Premature Tire Death

A car that’s been sitting for a long time can also do serious damage to your tires. With the weight pressing down on them, they lose air much quicker and depending upon how much the vehicle weighs, this can also damage the wheels and rims.

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